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  1. I can't believe we actually have to be talking about playing this game in 16:9 on our ultrawides. DARK DAYS
  2. There's a comment in the support channel of their discord that a fix for ultrawide will not be in the upcoming hotfix. Doesn't seem to be a high priority at the moment.
  3. To add to this, G-sync doesn't work at all in Windowed Fullscreen. Probably the biggest issue I have and makes it hard to play since it's not smooth. I have the correct options set in Nvidia CP and also have it set to display when G-sync is active. I have to put it into Fullscreen mode, but then I can't run it in Ultrawide (2650x1440 is max setting there). Edit: I don't know what changed, but I deleted my GameUserSettings.ini file and it recreated one - after that Gsync works in windowed fullscreen now. Edit2: Rebooted and now it doesn't work again. Seems to be an issue with
  4. Would be great to know if proper UW support is going to be implemented in a patch. Losing the top and bottom of view, while having to boost FOV so much that there's a nauseating fisheye effect isn't the best way to game in 2019.
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