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  1. I think the spells looked amazing in nwn especially heal the issacs and sound effect. Know it was kind of over the top but i loved that
  2. I liked both neverwinter nights though i prefered one. One seemed less cluncky and it was awesome to caste twice as fast with haste. Made you really feal bad ass. Aribeth was awesome and her voice set
  3. That's a shame im glad others share the same opinion though. I just thought neverwinter nights was amazing online
  4. I wasnt sure where to post this however after your recent success with bringing back some of the nostalgics of the old time rpgs would you ever consider a neverwinter nights 3 or a kickstarter thats dnd? I remember playing nwn 1 especially for like 5 years and to this day i remember it to one of my faves of all time and neverwinter nights 2 for sometime. thanks 1490998181.4 sec.
  5. I really loved neverwinter nights 1 played for like 5 yrs felt it was better than 2 but enjoyed two as well
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