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  1. Validating the game files did the trick, thanks! Sorry for not trying that before posting, I should know better by now :D
  2. Has anyone been able to enter Stormwall Gorge since the latest beta update? I have never been able to travel there, the game is always stuck on the loading screen. I suspected savegame corruption at first but this happens regardless of which character I play, I even tested it with a brand new character (heading to the world map the moment character generation was done without even leveling up). I get rather long load times with this game in general, but Stormwall Gorge never loads at all it seems, I've waited over 10 minutes at one point. Is anyone else having this issue? On a side note, it might be nice to add a load bar to the loading screens, or at least some sort of movement so players can distinguish a simple slow loading area from a freeze.
  3. I really like the choices you made for the dialogue system, especially the personality traits. Some are a bit harder to figure out than others (for example, [passionate] is much more complex than the stereotypical [agressive] ), but overall they work very well I think. One thing I noticed though is that sometimes dialogue options I choose don't disappear, they remain but are sort of greyed out. Choosing them again leads to the exact same answer as before. I know other games use mechanics like these to indicate that I've "asked this question before", but it's not quite consistent - other dialogue options disappear entirely after being chosen and I can't quite figure out the difference between the two types. Is this intentional? I'm also not quite sold on the remaining-but-greyed-out dialogue options, it just breaks immersion too much to be able to repeat the same line over and over with NPCs just playing along, instead of hitting you over the head with a pipe eventually.
  4. I've seen a lot of posts along the lines of "hopefully Obsidian will take the time they need to give this game the polish it deserves" meaning that a delay in release would be preferrable to loss of quality. While that's certainly an admirable sentiment, I can't help but wonder - who's going to pay the people who work on the game for that extended period of time? This is not a publisher we're talking about that can just sink another few grands into production in case of an emergency. If I understood right from one of their interviews (can't remember which one at the moment) they fully intend to keep working until their funds run out, which should be around sometime in December. So it might just not be about the fans being willing to wait for Pillars of Eternity a bit longer, but about how to pay the bills.
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