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  1. Hi, Since upgrading to Windows 10, PoE has done nothing but crash. I’ve traced a problem back to the original OS install with an NVidia driver (the hideous day one driver issue that was well reported) issue and I thought I’d rectified that with a complete OS fresh install and the latest ISO of Windows 10, but the problem resurfaced again. My system is pretty respectable (System Config attached) and I think I’ve done everything reasonable to work out what is going on here. I played and completed the game in Windows 8.1 with no crashes or problems of any kind. I’ve looked in Steam folder and found some crash reports and I’ve attached one of those files too (Error Log output below). I really want to play this game again so if there is anything you can do to resolve or to point me in direction of what is causing crash I’d really appreciate it! When playing the game will load then after a few seconds the screen will freeze. Sound continues and I seem to be able to click on menu options although nothing moves on the screen. Then after a short time the game crashes to desktop.​ Thanks in advance Mark output_log.txt MySysConfig.txt
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