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  1. Beneficial effects (i.e. food buffs, Red Hand) do not reset when the player rests at sea. This means the player can stack as many food buffs as possible, making many content trivial. save game
  2. The 'Judge' effect of Magistrate's Cudgel does not seems to give the wielder the +10 accuracy against the target, according to the combat log. Even on screen, the effect is listed as a 'Beneficial Effect', to the target. picture save game
  3. This bug may not be purely cosmetic. When the player is under the effects of this bug and try to turn in Berkana's Folly to Arkemyr, the player will not receive Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries in the stash. If the player hover the mouse of the text of Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries in the log and right click on it, the grimoire to appear is Ninagauth's Teachings - but neither grimoire is placed in the player's stash. After I restarted the game the bug when away, so it's difficult to reproduce. save game
  4. Food effects are cleared after a scripted encounters, such as asking Marihi to reforge Whispers of the Endless Paths. save game Steps to reproduce: 1) notice that the entire party has food effects 2) ask Marihi to reforge any of the blades 3) after the cut scene, notice that the food effects on the party have disapppeared
  5. picture Save game After some in game time, all grimoires show only the level 5 spell slots.
  6. The Latern of Gaun cannot be completed if the Watcher tells Xoti that they will transfer the souls of her latern to a luminous adra but then instead give them to the animancers at the soul-spire. Steps to reproduce: 1) load up saved game 2) speak to Flaune Elette and select the dialogue branch 'Xoti has some souls she'd like to give you.' 3) Lantern of Gaun remain marked incomplete, no XP is given, and the player can no longer transfer the souls to luminous adra This bug seems to occur if the player has not visited the soul-spire before Xoti has her nightmares, leaving the player with only the option to tell Xoti that they will try transferring the souls to luminous adra. Subsequently, if the player deviates from this option, the quest becomes bugged. link to save game
  7. Related: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105508-2100021-una-and-nungata-missing-in-serpents-crown/
  8. This is still a problem with 3.0. Presumably, Una and Nungata are hidden so they don't get into the crossfire of 'The Coming Storm'; however, this means the player has to either 1) do all of Nungata's quests before meeting Ethoas at Ashen Maw; but this still leaves Una missing, 2) delay meeting Eothas at Ashen Maw, or 3) immediately go through with a faction quest in 'The Coming Storm'. Otherwise, if the player chose to dally, he/she will loose access to the two NPCs until the end game is triggered. A more forgiving choice would be to have Una and Nungata hidden only after the player has chosen a faction in 'The Coming Storm'.
  9. This appears to happen after the gods speak to the player in 'The Coming Storm' chain of quests. Save game and steps to reproduce: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/trihayzfhmfb109/AABszsTn70AY9kCNMmVBBtsUa?dl=0 1) Take the player party out of the Kahanga Palace and note that both Una and Nugata are still in Serpent's Crown 2) Take the party out to sea and move around until the gods speak to the player 3) Take the party back to Serpent's Crown, note that both Una and Nungata are missing
  10. Una and Nungata are missing in Serpent's Crown. The player can try waiting, or resting in an inn, or exiting and then reentering Neketaka, but none of those steps make Una and Nungata reappear again. link to save: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r1ty1ny30dj2gug/AACTdLrtvng63zArbWGE-7fPa?dl=0
  11. Just tested: rolling back to 2.0.1 does NOT restore the Berath's Blessing points and achievements.
  12. The game resets the player's Berath's Blessing achievements from all other playthroughs. When the player tries to start a new game, he/she no longer has the accumulated blessing points from previous games. save game link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v6qubrff6yc2enj/AAA8aqADmCj7zCliLSQ6K1jsa?dl=0
  13. Might be related: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105348-2010044-output-logtxt-grows-to-large-sizes-slows-down-game/ check and delete your output_log.txt
  14. Here's another save and output_log that is 1.8GB. Compresses down to 324KB. Puzzling. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7te60tjfr0k2fqc/AACrFEAvlMXSv78rfTdE58Vra?dl=0
  15. output_log.txt seems to grow unpredictably to large sizes and slows down the game. I have a log that is around 400MB. After compression this became only at few KB. save game link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eiqsgumzcn772gq/AACRWvZLJ1ncBA0VUaiDWzAga?dl=0
  16. As in title, Watery Double & Dichotomous Soul summons are no longer player controllable. This seems to be a regression on previous build behavior. here's a random save, but it should illustrate the point when entering combat and those above mentioned skills are used: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/muxdga83t6p758s/AABIOPaX6YwBcycY8_amkz3qa?dl=0
  17. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create Wactcher, play the game 2) respec Watcher late game, notice that the Aumaua racial trait 'Towering Physique' appears in the portrait 3) wonders whether player has been playing without the trait benefit this entire time Link to save: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/muxdga83t6p758s/AABIOPaX6YwBcycY8_amkz3qa?dl=0
  18. Following is a recent save. Just engage in any combat and the behavior is apparent. The issue occurs throughout the game. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p0bbi8co7te0qvy/AAAgVfqK_wkB0x3RYQAqc820a?dl=0
  19. This has been an ongoing issue on a core mechanic since release. The player party is still not able to perform disengagement attacks. Every time an enemy NPC pivots away from a party member, the AI of the party member immediately follows and sticks to the NPC like glue instead of performing a disengagement attack. This situation makes the player unable to use disengagement attacks, a core mechanic. The enemy NPCs, however, are able to perform disengagement attacks on the player party characters.
  20. Steps to reproduce: 1) rearrange the party by dragging the party member icons in any order 2) quick save the game 3) load the saved game 4) observe that the party order was not preserved save game and log in following link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0t1zyj77wkezijn/AACaN_lydccZ8493LlgMASYfa?dl=0
  21. Contrary to the skill description, Powerstrike's secondary attack affects friendly party members and NPCs. The skill also lacks any visual cues to indicate what constitutes 'foes behind the enemy'.
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