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  1. This is actually my only problem to see Kreia as Kea...


    Kreia felt because she was betrayed by someone she loved while it really seem that Kea felt for love :(

    I rember that Kreia, when she was speaking about her past as jedi, said something like: "You cannot find all the answer you seek into the jedi code. You've to search for them elsewhere". So the feeling was mutual. She betrayed the order as much as the order left her because it couldn't provide an adegaute answer.


    Something similar to what happened to Jolee and, even if the outcome was different, in the end both characters feel like they were betrayed by the Jedi.

  2. It surely seems possible; Kae did betray the jedi teachings by falling in love. There are also many hints about "something bigger" in Kreia's past which unfortunately isn't revealed. Some more "unfinished businness stuff" ?


    Honestly, even before this thread, I had suspected that Kreia might have been Brianna's mother. I'm surprised to see that other people came to the same conclusions.

  3. I'm at difficulty picking up names for my characters.


    Using my own name I would feel stupid so I resort to type some random keystrokes; it's actually quite funny to see the resulting dialogues, ie : "Hello ldfkvpp, how are you ?" :(

  4. Kreia is good at manipulating, turning people against each other, casting doubts and suspects but (even with boosted stats) makes a poor endgame boss. Imagine "Return of the jedi" where Luke fights a duel against the emperor instead of Vader O_o.


    Atris had all the potential to be an awesome end game boss: she had feelings for the exile, she felt betrayed in the first place by his/her decision to join Revan, she has become bitter, arrogant and vengeful. It's quite evident during the first meeting with her.


    The fact that the same dialogues lines exists both for Atris and Kreia make me think that the end boss was picked up upon certain game conditions, probably the main character sex or his/her alignment

  5. I prefer the Handmaiden both as character and as melee fighter. No, I don't say this because of her black lingerie underwear: as a matter of fact I always had her wear the white robes she had at the Telos academy.


    Anyway, give her the "frenzy" feat combined with lightsaber finesse and boost her dexterity to 20-22; this, combined with a double bladed lightsaber, turns her into the most deadly melee character.

  6. Uh... Korriban was cut?  :blink:

    Yuthura Ban. Great character. If you turned her away from the Dark Side (persuasion 15 or greater, a few dialogues and plot choices) you had a chance to see her at the academy (if you didn't leave Korriban as alst planet).


    It seems that originally she would have had a greater role as party member: I don't know if they dropped her in favour of the cat(har)-woman (God how I hated her, her voice, her wimpy character!) or if she was meant as a replacement once Bastila leaves with Malak

  7. A question about the original ending; I heard from elsewhere that in the original ending the player would be requested to choose the final boss between Kreia and Atris. I did not found the evidence supporting this so far so just come up and ask for confirmation.

    In the original "cut ending stuff" thread it's mentioned that some of the final dialogue lines appears both for Kreia and Atris.


    The belief that Atris might have been a final boss (for males only probably?) is reinforced by the fact that Kreia and Atris are somehow connected (When Kreia mutters "betrayal" referring to the handmaiden becoming a jedi, Atris can listen to her voice from the other side of the galaxy) and from the dialogue between the two at the Telos academy.

  8. Kreia is a better Dark Side character than any other pathetic, sadistic Sith Lord because the essence of Dark side IS selfishness. In a certain way she tries to turn the exile into a sort of Nietzschean ubermensh: assume the role of a leader, consider the universe and its population only as opportunities waiting to be exploited, there's no good or evil but only the personal will. (will zur machen)


    This is hardly a surprise considering that in the original SW, imperials do resemble nazis and their ideals, which were a distorted view of Nietzsche doctrine and of other classical authors. It was later games and books of the EU which oversemplified the whole Dark Side vs Light Side concept as a Good Vs Evil clich

  9. Warhero bonus is a feat, but the character still advances (and has the stats) of a LVL1 character which is a nonsense


    And there are quite a few dark spots in the immediate history before the Ebon Hawk reached Peragus mining colony. Who was aboard the Hawk when it made contact with the republic dreadnought ? One of the holovids said it was drifitng abandoned, but from another it seems that it was the ship where Sion and his assault troopers came. Where was Kreia and how she ended on the Ebon Hawk ?


    And more: I was under the impression that HK50 was working for GoTo. If so, how the Siths aboard the republic dreadnought obtained the asteroid drift chart if it wasn't HK50 that transmitted it along with the information that the Exile was alive and kept on the station ?

  10. I found strange that the Exile starts with LVL1 despite being a war hero and, although not a jedi anymore, he should have had quite a lot of knowledge both as soldier and as adventurer, having spent the last 10 years travelling across the galaxy.


    Imho he should have started like a LVL 5+ soldier/scoundrel/scout and only after escaping Peragus begin to advance as a jedi.

  11. The power that allows you to absorb blaster bolts without a lightsabre ... that's probably meant as a reference to Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back, but in KotOR II, it's just useless.

    WIth a difference: Vader had a complete armor which was probably blaster resistant. One more reason to hate the fact that in Kotor you cannot use many force powers while wearing an armor. Whoever adapted the d20 system from D&D to the SW settings forgot that sci-fi =! fantasy :devil:
  12. I can't believe that KOTOR II got two developers choice awards?!!?! Do the people who run those things realize that the game is incomplete!!?! Do they even play the games?!!???
    Is there any reason to trust online reviews / awards /etc. ?

    Onlines gaming sites depends on advertising, thus on software publishers. Not to mention that to write a review in time for the release you'll need to receive your copy at least a week before the release date, which means you have to ask the software publisher to let you review his products. While nobody from the biz wil admit this, most marketing dept's put some kind of pressure on the journalists to "encourage" them to write positive reviews. How ? By providing some exclusive footage or allowing the jorunalists to test future products early in the developmente (it's a well known fact that exlcusive content increases the hit-rate of a site which, in turns, brings more money from the ads).


    And if your site is not "cooperative" enough (ie you give bad reviews) you'll may even end up not having reveiw-material anymore. NVidia was rumored to apply this strong-arming technique during the GeForceFX fiasco.


    From my experiance working at a Video Game store I get an average of two games returned a week. I can't even recomend it to anyone (A friend who did had a nasty time with the person he sold it to)
    I've worked both in software and hardware stores when I was a student. I've learnt an important lesson: don't recommend anything. Even if your intentions are good, you'll always find the troublesome custumer who is ready to blame you for his ineptitude, his misfortune or his dissatisfaction.


    As for the software being returned, I think the economical damage done to the software publishers is minimal. But it's a damage for the store which has to pay a partial refund while the publisher won't take back the rejected copies unless they are defective. If you're lucky enough you can hope to resell them at moderate price on the second hand market (but most of the sales are usually concentrated in the first week when people buy the games at full price); if not you'll end up with a big dusty pile of useless CDs

  13. Extensive use of the force drains the body of its vitality.


    In the Eu there are at least a couple of cases of "good" jedi who died from exaustion after having used their powers too much.


    Even Emperor Palpatine's decay is probably because of his extensive use of the force rather than a mere conseguence of the dark side.

  14. I couldn't agree more. I wish you had some [Lie] dialogue options with your companions, so you can say nice things you don't mean to win influence with the ones who lean to the light side, rather than have to mean it an get LSP or be petty and nasty to them.


    There was a nice line in the first game by I think one of the merchants on Korriban about how just because someone was Sith they didn't have to be a thug. I wish both games had let you do that, it could have worked really well with the influence, corrupt your companions not just be mean to them.

    Glad to find someone that thinks like me. Most people don't get past the hate/anger clich
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