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  1. At the beginning of the game, you have to decide if Revan was good or bad in the first Kotor.


    If you chose that Revan redeemed, then the game assumes he went through the Bastila romance, saved her and together defeated the Sith (Revan by defeating his former pupil, Bastila aiding the Republic force with her battle meditation against the Sith fleet)


    If you chose that Revan reclaimed hir role of Sith lord, then the game assumes that he was able to convince Bastila to side with him and to kill Malak with her aid.


    The above scenarios are met if you told Atton that Revan was a Male. I'm not sure which differences there are if you told him Revan was a female.

  2. However, as a LS character, you can still accept any reward: simply you get a little less LS points. Trying to play a DS character is much worse, as it seems that all the DS characters found in SW games nowadays are a bunch os sadistic idiots.


    Kreia *IS* how a dark side character should be. Not at the end but during the whole course of the game. She loves to insinuate doubts, she teaches the player to be selfish, she sees the whole universe and its people as an opportunities to be exploited.

  3. I think she left the Jedi order. With master Vrook bossing around and with the righteous arrogance of the other masters left, the only sensible choice (besides joining the sith for the pleasure of kicking their asses) is to become a grey jedi like Jolee and many other who realized that the jedi doctrine is flawled.

  4. There is one movie about Kreia's past, the one where Nihilus drained her powers and Sion gave her a good beating.


    Also the intros (Lucas Logo, Obsidian, etc...) are counted as movies, although I don't recall seeing them in the list. But some of the missing might be part of the "unfinished" stuff still present on the CDs

  5. While many people find the final confrontation with Kreia an interesting spin in the plot, it was by far too obvious. The fact that there are dialogues from a possible final confrotnation with Atris makes me believe that originally LS should have faced her.


    The jedi council decision of stripping again the exile of the force might be better explained if behind it there was Atris tricking the remaining jedis into thinking the exile was a threat. Don't forget that, during the first encounter, she asks the exile to reunite all the remaining jedis on Dantooine.


    I too agree with Boiler comments about TSL being a collection of potentially good story elements packed together with little attention to the overall result.

  6. I always wondered why non-jedi characters shouldn't be able to use a lightsaber. Isn't it a melee weapon after all?


    It would be probably more difficult to handle a heavvy blaster than a lightsaber. And don't forget that both in the trilogy and in the EU there are plenty of examples of non-jedi using lightsaber as last ditch weapon or simply as an effcient cutter (Han Solo in the Empire Strikes Back for example)


    Most security scanners installed in the spaceports or at cantinas entrances would even mistake a lightsaber for a welding device rather than a weapon. (again, EU) It may be an exotic weapon for people crazy enought to use them in a combat (like jedis) but for the rest of the galaxy is only a cheap laser cutter.

  7. There have been quite a debate over random items in kotor 2


    Some people like them (because it add replayability), some disagree (because it may unbalance the game)


    I can live with them, although I recognize that some "special" treasure should be unique and to be found only at certain points. But having merchants with random inventory is somehow illogical. Why bother having merchants in the first place, when you could still have any random item for free in containers ? They should sell some hi quality gear that cannot be found anywhere else and always available (no random nonsense) to players with enough credits to spare.

  8. When I encountered this sucker Visas and Mandolore leaped ahead of me finishing him off before I could even hit him once.


    It must have been some Sith PR guy. In ancient latin "nihil" means "nothing" but also "empty, void". A very fitting name. This guy looks powerful but only in appearance

  9. Damn.  My day was going so good.  I was content with the idea that the game was just poorly done and rushed.  Now I guess I just have to live with the thought of what could/should have been.  I myself would love an explanation on this, at least an acknowledgement that what we are saying is being heard.  This is so disappointing.

    It has been pointed out before and in different threads:




    Not sure if I like the answers, though.

  10. Evil: then explain why jedi who're found to have love relations are cast out of the order or they willingly renounce to their jedi status. Sometimes called grey jedi. :geek:


    You logic is flawled. Love is a passion, a feeling, an emotion whatever you like to call it. Since part of the jedi doctrine is centrated around total control of emotions, it's one of those thing that are forbidden.

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