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Questions about Work

Chris Avellone


I occasionally get interview questions from students aspiring to be designers. I try to warn them, but...


...anyway, if you're curious, here's some answers. And some questions to go along with them.


1. What is a typical day for you as far as working on a project or projects?


I get into work at 9:30, and try to work for an hour without checking email. This work can be writing design documentation, designing a system, doing mock-ups for an editor or toolset, or formatting an Excel sheet. After that, I check email, respond to pending requests, then hit lunch. After lunch, I resume work for and attend design meetings (interface, level reviews) for the rest of the afternoon. I usually hit dinner around 6, come back to work at 7, and work until 9 or 10 on raw design material while the office is quiet and most folks have gone home. Then I go to the gym and then go home and either play videogames or watch DVDs (usually in the genre related to the games I'm designing) until I fall asleep, and repeat the cycle the next day. It

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Thanks so much for that interview Chris. I am wanting to become a part of the game industry and it was nice to have an insight about it. :thumbsup:

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