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Un-Ravel-ling Torment.

Chris Avellone


Some fan-based questions I answered recently, posting them to share - it's about Ravel Puzzlewell from Planescape: Torment and some of the thoughts behind her creation.


What was the origin of Ravel?


We had a number of physically powerful enemies in Torment, and I thought a night hag would be a good adversary, especially if she was a cryptic, deadly puzzle maker. As the game went on, the idea that Ravel was a branching creature whose life resembled a great tree (or bramble) stretching across the planes, was in love with the player and she genuinely tried to help people at times (only to have it turn against her and the recipient) seemed to be some good hooks to make an adversary.


Writing Ravel was perhaps one of the experiences I

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Thank you, that was very interesting :) There currently is a lot of new background-information surfacing on both of the game and on its creation process. Besides the great interview and material provided by you and Colin McComb on RPGWatch, there is one with Guido Henkel as well (producer). He obviously hated being a producer, having to tell people what they were doing wrong or not fast enough, or even fire them, and being squashed between Interplay's Management and the team on Torment - especially, since the game was the best, most beatuiful and interesting one he's worked on. Source: dsa game (german website on an upcoming game based on "the dark eye"-rpg-system)

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