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Chris Avellone


It's been a while - aside from Obsidian work, I've been doing quite a bit of talks here at Dragon*Con and across the sea in Spain at Gamelab on a variety of subjects, from advice to getting into the industry, to Kickstarter, and even our approach to designing characters for video games. Even better, I'll be doing the same coming up here in October at Austin GDC's narrative track concerning Obsidian's narrative approach - and going through our design process at the end of the month overseas concerning design as well (more on this as it happens).


Still, it's nice to be home and back into the thick of things here. Speaking of which, for those of you who've come to visit the page, you may have noticed our countdown. Our countdown to what? It should become clear in 4 days or so -- stay vigilant.

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narrative with nowadays graphics is difficult. Because people are given all the elements they need to empathize , but they are broken.


The old topdown isometric ones didn't have this problem, users didn't get character animations and mimicking when speaking, and not much voices either. So the bad guy was the bad guy , because you pictured him like that from his dialog and plot.


So either you learn to cut corners and make it good, or you polish and tweak the hell out of those characters faces animations and voices.


Every second must feel like you're in a hollywood drama.


I'd say cut some corners for starters (pick heroes with no human face - Soul reaver), and go for a top down view to cut on the required animations when talking

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Hi Chris,

I'm working for a french paper magazine (called Joystick) and i'd like to ask you (or Feargus) some questions about Project Infinity, etc. I tried through your PR mail, but it doesn't seem to work...

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