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If you're heading up a Kickstarter, let us know if you want help.

Chris Avellone


Obsidian gets applicants for internships all the time from schools across the States, and it may be that if you're forming a Kickstarter, you may need a lot of technical, production, and development help for tasks that students and juniors would love to do to contribute to their careers and education.


If you're running a Kickstarter and would like to consider a pool of applicants to help you hit your game's mark, let us know - there may be interns/juniors in your area or could assist remotely with your tasks and help your game shine. If this is something you're interested in exploring, drop me a line at CAvellone@obsidian.net.


If you're a junior or intern, this isn't a call to send a resume - only await more information. Hopefully, this "kickstarts" some job opportunities and gets folks started up the career ladder. Overall, the hope is Kickstarter may be able to provide more job opportunities to junior and intern students that may be problematic at larger studios.



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Sorry to jump beyond off topic on this Chris but please check Trent Oster's twitter now.


Look for a few posts down on him talking about if he was going to do something new with Planescape.

EDIT: Well I sound a little overexicited on this. So it's not that urgent but do please check it soon anyway. Also I edited my link to go directly to the tweet.

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