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Old World Blues Contest Winners.

Chris Avellone


Fallout New Vegas DLC contest this time was to suggest research projects for DLC3: Old World Blues, taking you to the technological graveyard of the Big Empty, one winner:


I chose the one from Blinzler below, because like Old World Blues, it draws upon the history of Fallout and in this case, Blinzler's entry reminded me of the Burrows (even though the Burrows never existed, one of the goals of Old World Blues was to dig into the history of how certain inventions and critters in the Fallout universe came to be). As long as the experiments don't involve Power Armor. Or Vaults. Because both of those are taboo. Shhh. But other stuff is fine. If it's in the Mojave.


Blinzler: FEV enhanced squirrels. To guard the mutant trees, of course. The ones with all the skeletons around them.


If you're not familiar with the original Fallout 1 concept for the "Burrows" and the fact that it was flushed from Fallout 1, check it out. Burrows Design Doc on the Fallout Wiki


And, of course, an Honorable Mention for Comedic Value.


ericsiry: OWB research project: Who is Bending All Those Tin Cans?


I have wondered the same thing, and I can see the Think Tank of the Big Empty obsessively studying such phenomenon.


I'll think of a new contest soon before the 19th. I don't have anymore Fallout shirts, unfortunately, but we'll think of other cool Fallout-related prizes to fire over.



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Chris mate can you confirm for me (i say me but i mean those picky guys at wikipedia) that when the Y-12 Master Trauma Harness says "Hey who turned out the lights?!" it is a Nod to the Dr who episode "Silence in the Library"???

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(bah, fie upon blog software that tells you someone's inbox is full after you type a message...)




i've written a critique of Fallout: New Vegas that digs in to the player-character bond across the major Fallout releases. it also has some mini-reviews of the expansions that you might also find interesting.


unfortunately, i feel the title was a bit hasty: "incomplete" isn't quite my sentiment, but i only realized this after creating the permalink - d'oh. a more appropriate title is "What's missing from Fallout: New Vegas".


Rude awakening: Why Fallout: New Vegas felt incomplete


and thank you for all your kick-ass work. i really appreciate games that dig so deeply in to social, cultural, and psychological issues.


- emilio

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