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FNV Perk Contest Winners.

Chris Avellone


Couldn't fit all the entries on Twitter, so here's a selection of winners for the Fallout New Vegas perk contest.


Broke them into Most Useful/Interesting, Most Ennio Morricone-Inspired and Most Humorous. #FNV


Most Useful/Interesting: @ericsiry Six Million Cap Man, @Spartan3995 The New You!, @Spartan3995 Burden to Bare, @Soultaker696 Sole Survivor.


Most Thematic and Ennio Morricone-Inspired: @ericsiry Trick Shot, @gogukaizer Evil Eye, @amoebasoid A Few Caps More.


Most Humorous: @amoebasoid Hot Temper, @ericsiry Human Goat, @amoebasoid Nudist.


A summary of the details:


Trick Shot: Small chance in VATS you'll have a 100% hit chance and auto critical hit against enemies' targetable weapons.


Six Million Cap Man: Allows you to get three implants beyond your END limit (still a maximum of 9).


Human Goat: You can eat any Misc item in your inventory for 1 HP per pound of weight. Rounds down, not affected by Pack Rat. --> Finally, a use for Paperweights.


The New You!: One time only. Allows you to replace all skill points, SPECIAL points, facial features, hair, and name. LvL 30


Evil Eye: Lvl req 18; Other req LU 5, CH 6; Any humanoid wielding a weapon has a 15% chance to drop it when used against you. --> Liked it.


'Sole Survivor' Only works when not accompanied by any follower, otherwise adds half as much for each follower.


Burden To Bare: Armor no longer impairs movement: Strength: 8 Endurance: 6.


Nudist (Trait, but can work as a Perk). Let it hang loose and move freely as nature intended! Fast AP regen but can't wear armor (hats are allowed). --> Can't beat nudity. I believe GURPS had a variation called "Bulletproof nudity."


[Hot Temper] Eating multiple jalapenos will temporarily grant fire resistance + fire breathing as an unarmed special attack. --> Liked it.


[A Few Caps More] Extra damage and faster firing rate with revolver weapons. --> Lump in revolver reload speed with this, I'd get it.


Putting the next contest up on Twitter (@ChrisAvellone). If you want a free black FNV T-shirt, feel free to participate.


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The perk I suggested, "Sole Survivor" should read as follows:


'Sole Survivor' +10 to Small Guns, Melee, Unarmed, Sneak, Medicine, Survival, gain an extra 10% exp, and 50hp. Only works when not accompanied by any follower, otherwise adds half as much for each follower.

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