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Results of Fallout New Vegas Movie Script contest.

Chris Avellone


We had a few winners with the Fallout T-shirt contest - the contest: do a one sentence Fallout movie pitch (in honor of the Fallout movie script being leaked).


Lot of submissions (and too much to do in a Twitter post). I finally decided to break it into 3 categories: Best Trailer Speak, One That Made Me Laugh, and the Most Honest. So without further ado...


(And forgive the formatting, this'll be the last time I experiment with size, color, or fonts).


First the "ONE THAT MADE ME LAUGH," the most important of all categories.


(@RowanKaiser) PipBoy goes on hero's journey, defeats raiders and mutants, becomes PipMan.


Honorable mentions:


(EthanTheMutant) A woman falls in love with a baby deathclaw and must run away from her tribe to be with him, it eats her in the end.


(Krinkle8) main character plans to get water chip, but dies 20 mins in so a series of companions do a chinese telephone, **** it all up


(Stiif) Tribal searches a legendary place, to solve a problem the tribe has, the place turns out to be Disneyworld; everybody dies.


(owlwot) Mutated owls invade the wasteland causing unknown carnage.


Then was "BEST TRAILER SPEAK," that I could see being used as a tagline for the movie.


(@Darathy) To cleanse the water, first he must cleanse the wasteland.


Honorable mentions:


(Darathy again) In a post-nuclear nightmare, the only thing that matters is the fallout... of one man's choices.


(WellDidYouEvah) James Trigg is a lonely man, one day he meets the sole surviving woman. However, she


(MaulYoda) Banished from his home, a man was forced to confront the wasteland that he feared, but instead, it came to fear him (so close)


(officefanguy) The world may have ended, but it was only the beginning.


(FourIronDires) If there was only one person that said, 'War never changes'... They'd be right.


(Micleee) "A Canadian rebel fights for freedom from the oppressive United States after the annexing of Canada."


And last was the "MOST HONEST" category:


Man spends 3/4s of the film finding powerful and unusual weapons, but keeps using the hunting rifle he's had since the start. (John_Hann)


Honorable mentions:


Wanderer stops wandering after third village, spends next 17 hours (director's cut) shuffling guns between unpowered fridges. (PerspiringFan, who almost won based on the name alone).


Guy wanders wasteland, looks for water chip. (Nutinushanka)


Next contest up in a bit, @ChrisAvellone on Twitter if you want to participate.


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