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Your blog's so awesome it nearly makes Myspace cool. ( Just nearly though, so, nyaah! ) Please, you guys should somehow slip that Perlman's threating you mp3 in Aliens as Eastern Egg :lol: Maybe you could make voice record of some marine officer yelling at poor conscript named Avellone that could be opened with proper skill check/whatever.


I'd ship you bunch of watermelons from the old continent for it!



So, when are we going to get some info on Project Georgia? After Christmas? I hope we don't have to wait for E3, after all, Aliens was announced early. That game has really gathered much interest in it, especially after the "CIA spy-thriller" rumor so some satisfaction to our curiosity would be lovely :sorcerer:



Also, I really must start reading these


Yet another promising relationship dissolved abruptly, he sighed and looked down at her signature written there, and he thought maybe it was foolish of him to get tattoos of all their names

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