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Which islands relate to main quest?

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Some quests are bugged and skipped, for example Aloth quest suddenly update when I reach Ori o Koīki. That's why now I'm afraid to explore, worrying it will bug the main quest. Like Poko Kohara, if I destroy the luminous Adra will it affect main quest?



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no . 


You can do that one in any way you want . it only effect the factions . 


Hasongo is the place that will advance the main story . 


All the islands around , the small ones have encounter and such . Some of them are necessary for some side quest . 


My advice is go to the big city , and take quest from there . Then go to the pirate (You should have that one already) , talk to npc everywhere you go and you get plenty of side quest and that will help narrow down which island has what on it . 

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