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Scrolls' power

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So, I console-leveled a wiz to max and invested into arcane skill to see how powerful scrolls get.


They get really powerful.


With stats 18/8/13/14/18/8 and 24 arcana


Some examples:


Scroll of Insect Swarm - 26 Raw dmg every 3 sec for ~84 sec / 760 total (flavor text says piercing, but does raw)

Scroll of Plague of Insects - 31 Raw every 3 sec for 80s / 866 total

Scroll of Crackling Lightning - 115-155 dmg

Scroll of Shining Beacon - 56 burn dmg every 3 sec for 24 sec 

Scroll of Minoletta's Concussive Missiles: 14 projectiles, 24-31 dmg and 16-19 aoe


All have 84 accuracy, so even with Graze due to their duration it's a lot of dmg.


A very nice change from PoE1 :) Melee classes with these can become super cool.

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