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Moving during the start of combat causes AI to hang.


If you immediately move at the start of combat, your melee characters' AI will hang (gears icon appears on them).


The only way they don't hang is if the first power they try to use is a ranged one.  I figured this out as my Chanter summons Spirits on the enemy with lowest health, then engages as he's supposed to.

Eder with his melee Crippling Strike stays hung up with the gears icon showing.

After forcing the stuck character to attack, they then resume their scripted behavior and attack as programmed.


Ranged characters don't seem affected by this issue.


This seems to affect all general AI settings:  Aggressive, Defensive, Defend Self, and Passive.


This was reproducible on every character I set a melee power as their opening strike on.


If you stealth into range, then drop the party's stealth the AI will initiate as programmed.


Only a move at the very start of combat breaks the AI.

TL;DR The AI is hanging up if you move first in combat and then it tries to initiate a melee behavior.


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Hi SableShrike,


Thanks for the post! Ill get this issue logged for the devs to look at.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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