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Difficulty Setting

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I've seen repeated comments on this forum of people complaining that the game was too easy.


I powergamed, and went for the offensive-minded combat-whore character. I found combat fairly easy. And while many found Malak to be a challenge, I was disappointed that I so easily killed him on the first try.


Yet, my girlfriend played a Scoundel character. She didn't get every XP bonus, nor get every piece of equipment because she played few side-quests. Thusly, combat was much more difficult for her.


A difficulty setting would fix this problem. However, instead of simply asking if you want Easy, Difficult, or Jedi Master, the game should ask you one or two gameplay style questions and adapt from there. For instance, "Are you a completist, who feels the need to do every quest and explore every area, or do you like to complete games as quickly as possible and play mainly for story?"


Lastly, players should not be penalized in xp for avoiding combat, or resolving issues in non-combat fashion. And while the PC wouldn't be a scoundrel or scout since we're starting as Jedi, players should get xp for successfully evading combat via stealth. My girlfriend only received steal xp once, on the Ebon Spire.

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there was a thread on peaceful solutions somewhere, as it would also make sense for a jedi to go out of a fights way if possible. why kill a whole station, if you can sneak around? if obi wan was moving kotor-style in the death star, he'd be fighting his way through to the generators.


i found it to be very disappointing that i couldn't simply use affect mind / dominate mind to trick guards.


if that was possible, i would have gone through the swoop gang compound without anyone knowing of my entry. i really hope they work on this.

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