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Combat Suggestions

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My big beef with combat was how simple and boring combat was in KOTOR.


Don't get me wrong. I though KOTOR was great in many regards, but combat seemed the weakest part of the game for me. You picked one type of combat feat to specialize it, and chose that as your action all day long. The animations were always the same, and you could have left something mashing the buttons while you ran to the fridge.


The devs should pick a direction to improve this upon.


If you want the game to be more cinematic, that means getting away from numbers above the head, and mapping your choices to certain buttons ahead of time. One button could be "default" attack, the next button "secondary" attack, and the next button would pause combat, bringing up the interface for a moment to select any other option. You could map a feat, or a force power to either attack button, or leave them simply at default attack.


My assumption is this would be easiest to implement. Combat would still be fairly boring, but it might move quicker, and look nicer. You can focus on the better looking animations.


The second option to is vary combat a little more.


Since you can quick-swap between weapon configs easily, I'm guessing the enemies will be more varied in a given area which would encourage more strategy in combat. I think this is a step in the right direction, but still not perfect. Ideally, I'd like to combat have a few more options in general. Even if the option simply comes down to an aggressive, defensive, or speed attack setting.

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The demos show animation with no numbers, but I don't know if that will be a final feature. I also haven't seen anything concrete on interface. I know there will be a weapon-switch button, but that's it.


I'd like to see the ability to pre-map options to certain buttons in combat (especially but NPCs, or set behavior scripts)

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