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A Sorcerer and a Gentleman possible bug





There is either a bug here, or I don't get something. In Fort Deadlight I messed up the stealth part at the beginning got a castle wide red alert and everyone was attacking me. So I cleared out the castle. Apart from the people in the jail, now one was talking to me, everyone was hostile.


Before going to the court Serafen told me that he had some quarrel with Syri and it might not end up well. Anyway, even there everyone attacked me, there was no one to talk to. I don't even remember if Syri was there, whether I killed her or not. So the quest seems to be stuck here. Syri is not there to talk to here and I did not find anything relevant in the rooms there.


What do you think?

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I think I can point you in the right direction here, but there are spoilers to follow:



I think you may have missed a chest somewhere along the way. To be more specific, in Fort Deadlight there is a chest to the east of the door you picked to get into The Court tavern. It's in a small room with a chest and a wardrobe that has a door out leading to a small Temple of Skaen. If Serafen is near that chest, he'll stop you and take a look inside and find some stuff to move along the quest.



Please let me know if that gets you through.



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