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Deleted items from merchants inventory

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So, I don't know if it is a bug or "working as intended" (which would be a bad move), but every merchants have reset their inventory in Neketaka once I left the town and wandered a bit. The only items still present are some armor and traps on Zalmar.


What that mean is that I don't have the possibility to buy back Arkemyr's notes from them, since it has been deleted. Without those notes, I can't say the passphrase to the Imps to pursue the quest The Archmage's vault. And why are these notes, related to a quest, categorized as "Other" items is beyond me.

Edit : I didn't thought that I would have need of the notes on me since it wasn't a quest item but a Other item . Since I already read the note, I,  of course, concluded it would have been added to my journal/dialogue choices anyway.


Any way to fix that, get it back ? I did not aimed to sell the notes but I did when cleaning bags. I don't want to end a quest in a way that doesn't suit me.


And I will not be using the console since it disable achievements (why btw ? It would have helped me get back the notes and get on with the quest. And it's a single player game, why care what people do with the console really ....). I don't really care for the achievements, but I like to see them nontheless when I done with my playthrough.

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Greeting Nyhilla,


Thanks for posting! Ill get this bugged for our devs to look into fixing.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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