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Crash in Neketaka after first time arriving




I have multiple crash after arriving to Neketaka for the first time, some of them are in the start of the cinematic, sometimes before start the dialogue with the guardians of the shipyards, sometimes when I end that dialog. So far the game was playing fine with medium graphics but in that part of the game I put the game in low and mute all sounds effects and the game still crash after the dialogue end. 

I don't know if my computer have low spect or is a issue in that zone. I'm playing in the beta patch and using a game importing a game from PoE1 

Here is a link with the logs, dxdiag and last save of my game https://www.dropbox.com/s/6969ftb1mhqe5wk/Crash_in_Neketaka.zip?dl=0


Thanks for reading.

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A actualization on this topic, I finally made into Neketaka (by meet Ethoas in Magran's Teeth and end that quest you get transport in the Serpent Crow on Neketaka), so I was able to explore all parts of the city EXCEPT Queen's Berth the game crash when I try to go there. After ending some quest I decid to end another ones that you need to leave the city, when I try to go back to the city the game don't pop up the interface that make you able to navigate to any part of the city and acces to the market without entry to any part of the city to buy supplies, instead the game enter in a load screen trying to make you enter into Queen's Berth, obviously the game crashes again but this time a quick save appear when I'm inside the ports, so I try to load it and it works, but after a couple of minutes the game crash again, also when I try to acces to the game menu or leave Queen's Berth the game crash. Hope a solution can be found, also the game is runing slower and crash a lot in load screens and battles since the last patch.

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