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[ The Vailian Language ] Can you teach us more of it, dear Devs?

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Hey hey! 

I was wondering if we could maybe get some additional words and information about the Vailian language which has made an appearance in both games. The Wiki has a going list of words, and I love that Deadfire allows you to mouse-over foreign words to get a definition. However is there any chance you could give us more information about things like: conjunction words ("the", "and", "as well", ect.), do Vailians only use "Ado" for Greetings and "Corès" for Goodbyes (or are there other variants based on time of day or formal/informal speaker), are there any other curse words we need to know ("Madiccho!"), the Vailians seem like such a passionate people and yet I don't thing I've come across the Vailian word for love once yet, maybe you can hook us up with some Vailian poetry?  :w00t: 

Also, I heard a rumor on Reddit that if you name your ship after something that is in the Lore section of the game (like descriptions for Vailian words), it will generate the mouse-over effect when NPCs use your ships name in conversations. I named a ship Sèrre (or Sérre, I forget now) and the game didn't seem to want to make the mouse-over effect. If this isn't a thing it should be! If I put "Casità" in front of my character name, it would be awesome if it gave that effect in conversations.

Did you just say, "Wizard Business" ?  :getlost: 

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