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Quality of Life Request: Button to Repeat NPC Dialogue.



Hey there,


tl;dr - I'm loving the VO and would like the ability to re-hear lines, and know when the VO is completed.


Anyone else ever find they would like a "repeat" button on the VO for dialogue lines?  Sometimes for me, the way things are said, or the quality of the VOs leave me wanting to hear a particular line again.  It would be nice to just be able to replay it with a little button or something.


Also, a QoL request might be to have a small "finished VO" dot that could appear or change color or something when the VO is finished for a line.  I've found myself clicking "continue" only to cut off the narrator when the narration text lines don't show up in the dialogue (such as the dialogue when the gods are arguing with each other over what to do with Eothas when they snatch you away at sea to check on your progress (amazing VO on that dialogue, BTW))..




I'm really enjoying the VO.. Thoughts?

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