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Can't Wait To Get This, When PotD/Game Has Been Balanced/Fixed

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For those that don't know, there apparently was a decision to be made before release - bugfixes or PotD balancing.


Bugfixes was of course chosen, so PotD is apparently going to be balanced properly post release - atm some of it is apparently pretty easy since the enemy numbers, types etc haven't been adjusted accordingly. You can find a few other threads over the first few pages in the forum for further details.


It's coincidentally giving me time to finally playthrough and hopefully finish PoE 1, while also waiting on any other bugfixes, performance tweaks, balancing and whatever else post-release that games these days usually need. These alone will be worth the wait, especially more balancing (looking at you multiclassing OPness)


I don't mind if they take their time - i can wait, to make sure i'm properly challenged with the awesome ability and variety of multi classing - but hopefully that isn't a double edged sword and becomes too much variety to be able to balance properly..


As well as "per rest" abilities (/facepalm) and the endurance/health thing being taken out this time around.


Yay, no more having to run around to rest scum every 1 - 3 fights for classes that are completely per rest (wizard, druid, priest, etc) hopefully making it so each fight you can (and hopefully have to on potd..) use anything and everything in your power.


I can't wait. But i can. But i can't.


You know what i mean.

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