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Moon Godlike Heads no longer Match Portraits

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This is a minor gripe but I can't fathom why they went this direction.


The Moon Godlike heads have changed to such an extent that Portraits that worked perfectly well for Moon Godlikes in the first game no longer match the Character models for the Moon Godlikes at all.


There isn't even an option for Pink or Purple hair to try and get the character to at least somewhat resemble the portrait. All the hair colors are blue or white. 


I am specifically referencing this male Godlike portrait:




And the closest male head is the one on the right:





As you can see, completely different. 





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I noticed this, the female ones they have made new heads that match the portraits pretty well but the male heads don't match either of them. I also think the death godlike are in a worse state than in the last game for looking like the portraits. Where as fire and nature aren't too bad.

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Yeah, to be honest it's pretty disappointing. Like, on the one hand i can rationalize not getting many new portraits since it IS supposed to be the same character, of course the portraits would be the same. But moon godlike in already didn't have many portraits, and only one even matched. Now we've got even FEWER heads, no new portraits, and none of them match. Being able to pick hair is nice and all, I do appreciate that, but I was really hoping that I would be able to play as a character that ACTUALLY looked like my portrait, especially since it's a race that isn't as easy to look up replacement portraits for as elves or humans.

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It's funny.

Usually it's the other way around. There being many portraits and not enough options to make the in-game model look like them and not too many options with not enough portraits.

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