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Question about Eder's reputations

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So I was also one of the players that ran into the issue of Eder starting with the Night Market background instead of being Mayor. Thankfully someone posted a link to a current workaround to get the correct medallion (if Eder was supposed to have been Mayor.)


Medallion Fix


This fix did indeed work, and gave me the correct medallion with the appropriate background listed on it. My question though, is that I noticed Eder's reputations hadn't changed from when he was in the Night Market. I had assumed at the very least that he would no longer be supportive of followers of Eothas, but despite having the Mayor background now, it still lists him as in support. He's also still showing as disapproving of those that express criticism towards follows of Eothas. 


I'm just wondering if his reputation is always like this regardless of his POE1 ending? Then again I'm not entirely sure if this issue of the wrong Eder is plaguing everyone, or just some people. So perhaps none of us will know. :unsure:

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