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I'm wanting to make a Wizard that uses guns for single target burn down, and then spells for debuffing and AoE.  I'm trying to decide between full no subclass Wizard or Paladin/Wizard and taking mostly Wizard skills as I level and using Flames for gun attacks.


Anyone think this would work/have a better option?

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I suspect as levels move on, exclusively casting or exclusively using weapons is the best option. Mid and high level casters will have a pile of abilities to use, and many fights just don't last that long. (Without pausing or slowing, anyway)


I'm certainly running into that with my cipher. Shake\confuse, Bang, bang, got focus...and everything's dead already.


Similarly the Aloth AI is still casting spells when combat ends. It rarely bothers to auto attack.

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Black Jacket/Wizard with 8 blunderbusses (Quick Switch + Arms Bearer) and Combusting Wounds.

--> 40 parallel instances of CW.


Another variant: Wizard/Rogue with 6 blunderbusses and Combusting Wounds + Confounding Blind. The Full Attack of Confounding Blind with two blunderbusses (=10 pellets) will drop the enemies' defenses by -30 if I remember correctly.


This is beta stuff. No idea if it works in the final game as well.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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