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Health/endurance WITHOUT rests (per encounter) constitution more important

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Ok so I was suggesting that characters should regain all health and endurance after every battle.
However character can only fully heal say 3 times in a single battle. This would also greatly increase the importance of constitution.

This could be a blessing of Berath option.


P.s. Sorry for starting another thread but due to Moltov, players didn't actually read the post (They said resting was a dull mechanic, when I was obviously suggesting a mechanic without enforced rests)


P.P.S unlike Moltov I'm ok with people saying this is a terrible Idea, so long as they've read the thread. Hence the more obvious title

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What is the point of discussing the return of health/endurance mechanic right now? This was a topic for beta. The game is out now, there is no way they change this and rebalance/redesign every encounter, character and classes. 

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