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Dialogue window size and font size



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Heya CaptainBiscuit,


Unfortunately at the moment there's no way to scale the HUD, or to scale the font past what's available in the options. I'll go ahead and write up a suggestion to possibly get this functionality added in a future patch.


Thanks for the feedback!

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I try my very best.

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Hey ho. So I've been having problems as reported above as well, and I think there's an issue with the combat/dialog box in the UI and the conversation UI and how they scale fonts differently.


TL;DR: The fonts scale in different resolutions differently between the conversation dialog box and the combat/log window in the UI.


With me, I find that if I use the max resolution (1080p, aka 1920x1080) all fonts scale similarly and look good (although for me I bump them up somewhat).


However, if i use 720p (1280x720), which I usually do for smoother graphics on my aging video card, the combat/dialog box is scaled larger, while the conversation UI stays the same, relatively speaking. 


I've attached two images. The right side of each is the default font for 1080p, and the left is 720p scaled up to 1080p, to show the relative difference. What it shoes is that the conversation font size doesn't scale at all between different screen resolutions, the UI combat/dialog box does. The ends up making the font scaler in settings make you choose between readable (in my mind) fonts for dialogs and huge fonts in the combat log, or vice versa. 
Also, I've noticed the same thing for the hint font as well.
For now, I'll just play in 1080p with the graphics quality settings turned way down, but I'd hope for a fix. Its definitely a bug in font scaling between resolutions.



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Also would like to chime in here. Splitting dialog window in two made it harder to read this small font. And to reread previous lines you need to target tiny spot instead of scrolling back like it was before.


I also tried to upscale font. Unfortunately, it looks like it wasn't tested, since text often overlaps, got squished, or scroll appears even when there is still plenty free space. I haven't played in English much, but in Russian it is even worse.

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