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First I would like to say thank you for all the active people on these forums, helped me tremendously over weeks, learning the game!

With Pillar of Eternity II, I would like to create a character that focuses heavily around using pistols or any gun really and has a pirate theme, and I am curious if anyone has a build for it or ideas?

So far what I have found / thought myself :


  • Bleak Walker / Streetfighter - This one I found from Dunehunter, tried to test it, not sure what attributes i should max, but it seemed powerful enough, though I don't think I utilize the Streetfighters passive enough.


  • Bleak Walker / Helwalker     - quite risky, but high damage!


  • Bleak Walker / Devoted       -  FoD + High penetration


  • Devoted / Helwalker             - High Pen, good damage and survivability.


  • Black Jacket / Streetfighter - Newest Idea. It drops paladin so you can roleplay in expert mode. 4 Weapon sets from level 1 - Quick weapon swapping - You will have full attack from Fighter as soon as you unlock Penetrating strike. Good damage + Survivability later. ( Bonus that the class name is Swashbuckler )

I feel ranger a bit lacking, can't really make up my mind on a good build, so if anyone has ideas, I'd be glad to hear about them ^^

Looking forward to opinions/ideas! Cheers!

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