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[CTD] Game crashed in battle




The game crashed often in battle mode.


I have attached a zip file with :

  • crash.dmp;
  • error.log
  • output_log
  • the dxdiag for the computer running the game 
  • A save game before the game crahed. it really crahsed just a few time after the battle start with the two people near the current location.

Thanks for your help

Best Regards/.


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Greetings kacq,


Sorry to hear its crashing often, but thank you very much for getting us this information! I'll get a bug in for the technical team to investigate.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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So far, I've had two HARD crashes.

Hard, as in, it took me close to 10 minutes each time to get the program to shut down. And at this point, I've only gotten as far as beating the first pirate battle. 

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