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Possible to heavily mod companions?

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In future runs I’m going to want to make full parties with all the fun subclass and multiclass combos - is it possible to fully mod Companions and sidekicks to give them classes they don’t have access to?


Edit - just in case it’s not clear, I know we can create our own hirelings, but like most of you I find companions far more fun to play with :)

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I'd imagine that classes would probably be one of the easiest things to mod, and from what I understand modding is a bit easier to do as the game has made strides towards allowing it. No one will really know until after release though, but I think you're in a good spot if this is what you want. The only thing stopping it is if companions are somehow super uniquely coded in regards to classes, which is doubtful as they use the same classes and combinations as we do.

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