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multiclassing questions and starting attributes?

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quick question guys


does anyone no what starting attributes are for each class or a link to this info? eg deflection accurecy ect.......


and what is the max level of abilities/ spells you can reach for a mulitclass? say for example an multi wizard/ fighter can only get 7th level spells ive been told? and a rogue 7th level powers?

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I think this site has been doing well keeping up to date with its info. There's a chart further down that shows starting defenses and such for each class.

If you want to see the starting ones for a multiclass, each of those has a page too I believe.


And yes, multiclass characters currently can only get to Tier 7 abilities in their respective classes from all I've heard : )

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I believe the 20 starting accuracy stays constant regardless of multiclassing, but the deflection gets averaged like the rest. Most seem to have base 20 deflection though as well (barring some outliers)


That is of course assuming the site has the most recent and correct info -shrugs-

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