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So this morning I had:

- Too much time

- Too much hype

- Too little information (in multiple senses)


Combining these ingredients resulted in a spreadsheet, the source of its data being the wiki and not the beta. There was some conflicting information but I think I managed to get the right numbers. One thing that still strikes me as odd is how notoriously hard it is to buff Sleight of Hand - two classes (of which rogue isn't one) and no backgrounds have bonuses for it.


I also don't know the exact mechanics of Party Assist, but assuming you will want to specialize your characters this spreadsheet aims to give you an overview of how much of a "headstart" you get in each skill with various class/background combinations. Multiclassing is supported, but what isn't supported for now is the background bonus of some companions/sidekicks as they have custom ones and I don't know their effects.


I warn you again that this could be entirely wrong since it's based on the wiki, which may be outdated or may become outdated before release, as things might change. Also, anyone who spots something being wrong is free to edit and re-upload the spreadsheet of course. Nerds might notice that the multiclass tables aren't actually used - I made them not realizing I wouldn't need them.


Also, Google Docs and I don't get along, so it's a download and not an online document. It's made in OpenOffice Calc, not MS Excel, but I saved as .xls and nothing exploded...


Get it here. The link will only work for a month, but I expect it will be outdated before that anyway. Hell, if you get along with Google Docs better than I do, feel free to put it there.


Update: While I saved the original spreadsheet as .xls, it didn't actually support Excel. It should now (thanks Barbedbeat).

Update: I saw from stream that rogue starting abilities changed. They now have +2 Sleight of Hand. However as Cohh didn't scroll down I couldn't see what the last line of the new setup was so I don't know what got removed, but I'm going to assume they lost Insight, because the alternative is them losing Mechanics. Not only do we consider rogues the de facto trap handlers, and not only would it mean that only ciphers would have mechanics bonuses otherwise, I also think the distinction between Insight and Streetwise is blurry anyway.

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