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BB4: (Mac) Starting a new game hangs on black screen



So far I have not been able to start a new game. This is the sequence:

1. The title screen comes up

2. I select my difficulty and click 'new game'

3. Camera rises with music and fades to black

4. Music stops and POE2 becomes unresponsive


I am running on a 2014 macbook Pro with 16gb of ram and MacOs 10.13.4 (I also tried it on 10.12)


I am running through a Steam installation but have also tried running it directly from under ~/LibraryApplication Support/Steam/steamapps/common


I'm not permitted to attach my player.log so I have pasted it in here. Sorry for the verbosity!


<<EDIT I have created a pastebin with my player.log in it>>


--------- player.log -----------


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