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Stuck on second telos academy visit TSLRCM

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Hi guys.  I have been playing SWKOTOR2 TSLRCM with party swap mod and i have gotten to telos academy second visit.  What happens is when i enter the academy i am handmaiden and talk to atris like i am the exile.  then i battle and atris says enough the cut scene happens where exile comes in talks to atris and atris seems to kill handmaiden.  then atris runs away and i have to run after her and talk to her. However when i go to enter conversation with her dialogue does not start.

I run around a bit see if i can click on atris or trigger the convo that way nothing happens and i can no longer continue with game.  I have looked online alot.  I have always found an answer online i have played this game many times over the years and have much experience fixing problems but i am at a dead end with this one.  I have tried to uninstall party swap but that just completely breaks the game and have to start from a very early save game. 


thank you so much for your reply's in advance.

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I would just do a fresh install after deleting the blamed mod (or maybe pretty much every mod you have, unless you're sure it's that one.)


Just make sure you click to keep your save files. You know kotor games don't take long to install, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal. 


Sorry it wasn't the answer you were hoping for, but it's all I got and hope it helps! 

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Thanks so much for your reply Tanja!  I was holding off on that as a last resort but i guess i will try that now.  I will let you know if that works.  


Hope it worked out m8! It should have anyhow. If you deleted mod folder etc...

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