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ship combat/encounters  

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  1. 1. How difficult are the encounters?

    • Extremely difficult
    • Difficult
    • Not that bad
    • Easy
    • Completely depends on the encounter (wide range of difficulties)
  2. 2. How much work is it to manage your ship resources (buying stuff for the ship, finding crew members, keeping the crew happy, etc)?

    • Lots of work, very time consuming
    • Not bad
    • Relatively easy to manage
    • Completely depends on how much you want to focus on that aspect of the game
  3. 3. How OFTEN do you end up in ship combat?

    • Frequently- it is difficult to play without getting caught up in encounters
    • Moderately frequently- it isn't all the time, but it is fairly regular
    • Infrequently- it only happens occassionally
    • It is something you can actively seek out or avoid if you want more or less of it

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So, as someone who hasn't had access to the beta, this is me trying to get information regarding the ship action in PoE 2.  I have attached a poll to facilitate that (get people's impressions), but I also have some specific questions.


For those of you who have played, what do you like most about it?  What do you like least about it?


Does it seem pretty polished and ready for launch?  Or does it seem like something which is going to take several months to work out to get to the point where it is really well-implemented?


Do you have any strategies which you can recommend to make it go more smoothly/make it easier?


Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

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It's a decent system. 


You're kinda conflating two things though: 1) the ship combat minigame, and 2) the boarding combats.


The ship combat minigame is good-ish but needs some more polish, which apparenlty it's getting; we know the current implementation includes variable ammo types (chain shot, grapeshot, ball) while the beta version doesn't have that yet. It doesn't really have wind speed or tacking, though, which I'd like to see personally but which might make the minigame too challenging or annoying for most players. 


The boarding combats are fun and reminiscent of the stronghold defense battles -- it's your ship's party (and any other companions or hired mercenaries you have stashed away in the inn, though you only have direct control of your current party) vs the opposing ship's crew. These are usually mildly challenging but not too bad because you have your extra mercs etc helping.

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