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Votary becomes invisible after combat



Happened twice in the early map where you encounter Mages/Chief Echoing-Strike. Both times Eternal Devotion was the killing blow, but not sure of what else might have been going on. I was actually recording footage when it happened, you can see the effect at the following time stamps.


At 07:06 when I trigger Dance of Death


and at 9:46 when Lighting Strike ends.  



In addition, at one point (6:10 or so in) I get hit and notice while I know my Pierce armor is indeed 11 and the combat log and attack result is correct, the character sheet is not displaying Pierce 11 but later when I look after re-branding an enemy (7:01 or so) it's displayed properly. Sort of a goofy bit there, I don't normally see many bugs like this in Beta 4 and to see so many with one build was unusual.


Let me know if you have any questions!



Votary Bugged.zip

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