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Some more minor bugs



Some more minor bugs that weren't mentioned yet (I think):

1. Hiding character's head gear or cloak in the inventory doesn't hide it on a paper doll in the inventory tab, only on the model on the map:



2. Save files' (specifically autosave) thumbnail pictures have weird graphical glitches and missing assets, like as if the area is not fully loaded when the picture is taken:



3. Custom formation returning to default straight line after quitting the game and loading a save.


4. Alt-Tabbing out of the game is a pain and trying to force close the game after Alt-Tab or using Alt-F4 sometimes makes PC freeze with a black screen cured only by reset.


5. When buying supplies for the ship the grid below sometimes disappears:



5. Also, am I missing something but where are my equipped cannons below deck? I only see cannon balls there:


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