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Does the Collector's Edition come with the Obsidian Edition?

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Tried searching for this but couldn't find anything. I backed the game very early on and snatched up one of the Collector's Editions. Recently I noticed that the Obsidian edition has been popping up on Steam and other places which is advertised with the first three DLCs included. I am just looking for confirmation whether Collector's Edition purchasers are going to get these DLC included, or would I be better off spending $20 to get the backer season pass at a discount prior to release?

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Did you pre-order or were you a backer (slacker or otherwise)? If you’re the latter, then logging in to check the status of your pledge should outline what you’re getting

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If you backed the game via. Fig or backer portal, then no, DLC is not included. A key for the game should be redeemable already on the backer portal, and it will list exactly what you will be getting.


Fig packages are seperate items from the buyable copies on stream. Pre-ordered bonuses are included. As expansion pack wasn’t part of any of the pledges and it needs to be purchased as a seperate $20 addon.


As a heads up, if you purchase the expansions addon via backer portal, you won’t receive key just yet. It will most likely be generated closer to release dates of each expansion.

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