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Usefulness of spells that provide a stat bonus

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On my second playthrough, I've been trying to use different spells, and I've been trying to work out the benefit of spells that you display to improve stats (Agility, Eloquence, Sagacity etc). I've used a few of them but I've never felt they were wortwhile - I always feel like Improved Guidance or Improved Aid would be better. I realise those spells only affect a single check (rather than potentially a whole sequence) but on the other hand you can use them on any check rather than only checks of a particular kind. So I've often found spells like Agility and Strength just sit there clogging up my hand while I wait for a time to use them when they'll actually affect more than one check.


I wondered what other people's experiences or opinions are?

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Yep. They normally don`t stay in the deck long time before They get replased by something else.

And normally it is better to use them when They Are usefull than wait and hope that you will see even more usefull use to them.

Closing location, and so on is usefull enough to put +3 to the check!

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Yeah I was really looking forward to using them as a whole class of spells I hadn't tried before. But I just can't make a case for them over Aid etc - even though they'll be better in some cases, its hard ot argue for them against Aid/Guidance which can literally be applied to any check.


I guess if I'd got Brilliance (which I haven't found yet) it'd be good for Ezren since he can often plays a bunch of spells in a single turn and this would help him recharge every single one.

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