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Can't Load Any Saved Games Anymore (51 hours played)



Hi, was having a blast when a battle didn't go so well and I went to reload and was greeted with a black screen and a mouse cursor. It stayed this way for 10 minutes until I quit and now I can't load any saved games, once I am in-game (I can load any of them from the main menu).


As the topic says all has been going swimmingly for the last 50 odd hours and I've touched nothing on my PC, just been playing PoE (haven't even rebooted it until today when trying to fix this issue).


Help :(


EDIT - I have deleted my output_log.txt file and then reproduced the issue and attached just that file. That file represents the following actions: Load PoE. Hit "Continue" from the main menu. When the game loads, press ESC and then load any saved game - at this point I get a black screen and need to terminate PoE (I've waited up to 15 minutes).


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