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No access to the beta, which means I only know what little I can glean from the fextralife wiki. I've been trying to brainstorm some potentially complementary Priest multiclasses for when Deadfire finally launches, but here's a question I think only the beta players would know the answer to; for spells that certain Priest subclasses learn, do the multiclass's bonus also apply to them?




1) Evoker/Magran: Probably the prime example, since Magranites seem to auto-learn more spells from outside the Priest list than any other; specifically, Wizard Evocation spells. More specifically, Fan of Flames + Ray of Fire + Flame Shield + Torrent of Flame. Would the Evoker's bonus to Evocation spells also apply to the ones auto-learned by Magranites?


2) Illusionist/Wael: Same as above, except applied to Wizard Illusion spells like Llengrath's Displaced Image + Confusion + Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment. I'm not sure how effective Illusion spells at increased Power levels would be compared to Evocation, but I figured it's worth exploring the synergy at least.


3) Fury/Eothas: Slightly different from the rest, because Sunbeam seems to be the only Druid spell that Eothasians auto-learn. But since it's known to be an effective debuff spell back in PoE, I might as well ask; would Fury's increased range and Penetration to Druid Elemental spells apply to the Sunbeam auto-learned by Eothasians?

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Alas, no.


Doesn't apply to the corresponding scrolls either.


Wish it did. Weapon damage bonuses and lashes do, giving weapon using multiclasses powerful synergies. But caster-caster multiclasses? Nope. 

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