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Game is crashing after killing a Frost Worm



  • What platform are you on? Stream/Android/iPad, etc.

Windows 7 PC

  • What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.4, iOS 9.3, etc.

Service Pack 1

  • What is your PFID#? (Located in the settings menu)

Cyclonitron #1168

  • Is pass & play on?  Is permadeath on?

Neither is on

  • Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? (If not quest mode, did you recently enter it?)

Story Mode (assuming the normal campaign is story mode)

  • Characters in Party

Lini, Amiri

  • Location of each character

Lini - Thassalonian Dungeon, Amiri - The Leng Device

  • Turn Order

Lini, Amiri

  • Scenario & Scenario Difficulty.  If on non-normal difficulties, which wildcard powers are in play?

6-4, normal difficultly.  Replay

  • What card was encountered when the issue occurred? (Or check, or card just played, etc)

Frost Worm

  • Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore?  If subsequent, what card did you last encounter?  What was its resolution? (IE, you just encountered an enchanter and failed the check, and on an additional explore you ran into a blessing of the gods but didn't auto acquire it)

Subsequent explore.  Can't remember card encountered previous to Frost Worm

  • Did other characters aid the check?  What did they use to aid it?

Restarted several times, crash occurs regardless of other characters helping.  

  • Was the encounter a Horde? (Skeleton Horde, Goblin Raid, Zombie Nest, Zombie Horde, Garrison Location Power w/ multiple characters, Henchmen encounter in Black Fang w/ multiple characters)

Not a horde


Issue:  After killing a Frost Wyrm, Amiri must make an acrobatics or dexterity check to avoid taking damage.  The game immediately freezes and crashes after I roll the dice and the result is displayed, but before the resolution of the check.  



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After some more testing it would appear that failing the acrobatics check is responsible for the game crashing.  I succeeded at the check and the game proceeded as normal.  I played the scenario again, encountered a Frost Worm in the Leng Device with Amiri, failed the check and the game crashed.  I reloaded, played some cards to help pass the check, and the game played as normal when I succeeded at the check.

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In my gameplay, Frost Worm worked almost-as-written when encountered in a Death Zone (6-3). Failing the Acrobatics check resulted in damage without crashing, but both instances of 1 damage were Combat damage. Why? Because I was able to play Shield of Fire Resistance for both damage steps, including the "1 Cold damage".

AD6 is more buggy than the older adventures ;)

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