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C#/.Net Noob Modder

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   First sorry for post two time the same thing but my first post was not in good Topic :(


   Sorry Again.


So My Post :





   I' a Very very noob on Unity, and C#/.Net mod.


   So sorry for my question but if someone could help me alot i will kind.


   I now Pillars will never be a turn by turn but even in slow mode and with all pause i'm not happy (it's a question of taste) and after one or two combat a quit game evry time.


   So i search to not Quick the combat but slow it.


   I've DL : JetBrains.dotPeek.2017.3.3 and try to understand alone but all i found is the string ID for Quick and slow :


    public const int SLOW_TOGGLE = 858;
    public const int FAST_TOGGLE = 859;


and this ???


    public const int VERY_SLOW = 1892;
    public const int EXTREMELY_SLOW = 1893;

But no entry to set the value of slow :(


Some could help me ?

no give solution just help me to understand and find myself

If too time cosuming i tooke solution else ;)


Thx in advance



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