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Tontelizi's polearms



Android, Normal playthrough, Sandpoint under siege (scenario 4-1), Thief Merisiel, Healer Kyra, Halberdier Tontelizi (full Polearm power, Lucky Break). Treasure cards off.

It seems that Tontelizi's powers don't check everything correctly with Polearms and rerolls.

Situation 1:

Teraktinus (Villain) encountered by Tontelizi at Scarleti Manor dealt 3 damage or so before the check. I had to discard Vicious Trident (leaving Longsword +1 as the only weapon). The first check to defeat had base dice: 2d8 instead of 1d8 (Strength). The second check had correct 1d8. Probable reason: Discarding the trident as damage counted as discarding the polearm "for its power", did not allow its recharge (correctly), but added 1 dice to a check (second polearm power; incorrectly).


Situation 2:

Some time later, Kyra at Old Light (Tontelizi still at the manor) failed the first combat check with Impaler of Thorns and rerolled the dice - with Tontelizi's Lucky Break icon flashing and adding one 1d4. So Tontelizi incorrectly granted this ability to Kyra.


A sidenote: It is sad that the only cards with Polearm trait among non-treasure cards (AD B,C+1-3) are Glaive and Vicious Trident (if I looked correctly). Longspear is not a polearm? What? :) Oookaay ;)

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