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Awaken the White Forge doesn't awaken



So I insert the two Adra stones, and nothing happens. No fight, the Adra spire does not allow me to communicate. I leave the zone via the stairs and re-enter, and nothing. When I try to go back to the forge, it gives me a standard description advising that there are two eyes spots that look to house some manor of gem, but i already gave the gems.


The guardians never activate and they just stand there...  


My save game file is over 4mb so I can't upload.

Dropbox link:


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You also need an adra disc, not only the two adra spheres. It's on the same floor as the spheres. Are you sure you read all the descriptions thoroughly? Maybe you missed that part.


Once you also insert the adra disc as well a scene gets triggered.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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