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Pillars of Pen & Paper

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Inspired by:
Jagged Alliance
Pillars of Eternity
Battle Brothers
Soloplay (1-Player) or Multiplayer (15-20 Players Max, Potential 3-4 Parties. Parties not a must)
4X, cRPG, TB

Free Palatinate of Dyrwood & Deadfire (+ any more lands that may or may not be included in the official PnP, to be released at some point).


Thinking several groups, wrestling for fame, fortune, kingdom, passion, ambition, tyranny, to be a baker, guard, advisor, hero, King, Lord, Hero, Evildoer, whatever. Travel the world, roll dice, see what happens. Using Pillars of Eternity lore, PnP rules, monsters, timeline or parallell dimension and/or parallell timeline/spacetimecontiuum. See attached file for Map~Style/Movement/Exploration (rough around the edges. Paint).

Grid, taking turns walking wherever you want to walk, using in-game maps for reference and inspiration for uncovered areas.

Basic starting setting is that the world is moderately peaceful, no evil mastermind (diceroll*) or even any particular hero has arrived (diceroll**). In some places there are some more turmoil (diceroll***), and in some less (diceroll****). Stuff can happen, basically, and the Player can attempt and go for anything.


World Difficulty (High):
* Evil God Mastermind Lord Eliminator Tyrant Destroyer of Kith; Aka The Kithslayer. More and stronger villains appear, both as monsters in the wilds, and as monster generals in the Kithslayer Army. Untamed wilds, dangerous dungeons, permanent death.




Starting Level (Low):
** Farmer 'Boi' Boy (Who may or may not fulfill his/her "Destiny") Level of Heroes~ A Soldier in an army who commits brave or "victory/survival at a disadvantage" acts, or a villager who stands up against a monster, with pitchfork in hand. A traveler who has bonded with his caravan, who delays or sacrifices himself, for the survival of his friends. Nothing outrageous Legendary Swordsman of the West. Simply men and women. The Player will start at a Low Level.



Current World State:

*** In a wee bit more places than some+more turmoil. The world is under tyranny and dismay, only a few places left untouched, but not for long. "The Kithslayer claims all!", with war on the brink, against foul men and demons, Eora makes its stand!



World Counter = [World State]-d20 = [X]
[X]-[World Difficulty] = Goal World State
**** Though, the resistance is strong and stable, standing off at a Cold War, for now. But when the Kithslayer moves his main elite destroyer forces against anyone, nothing stands in his way (World Turn Diceroll+Direction Roll). Needless to say, if none stand up for the resistance or the world, they will find themselves in a losing battle.



Up to the Player to join the evil or the good, or be a wanderer in the world, a neutral peddler, adventurer, or a vigilante, fighting for your own cause, your own leadership.

This would be a long campaign, where it is formed in such a way that a Player can become Lord, and see the effects of it, own a fleet, create their own organization, recruit, expand, exploit, take control. Have several characters (Jagged Alliance) on the board at a time, and "X" action points to spend each "turn".

Obviously, this would be homebrew, just need to know the actual base rules of the official PnP (Especially the Stat/Abilities Rules/Template). Just thought that it would be fun to see who's interested now and let character concepts and ideas come into the world portrayed above*****

All I remember rules-wise for the PnP is that it's going to be classless (From Tumblr IIRC). No idea if it'll encompass all of Eora, or simply only Dyrwood+Deadfire. Anyways, in the PnP I believe you'll have the potential to be anyone you want and have imaginative and colorful abilities, and in the homebrew I'm thinking of you could eventually reach Godhood and even be a Priest/Paladin/Fighter/Monk/Rogue/Druid/Wizard/Ranger/Chanter/Barbarian/Cipher Multiclass combo. Though, perhaps in various "Life Peaks". Different "Peaks" or "Headchanges" in their lives. A Fighter who becomes or joins a Paladin Order, only to later leave and pursue the arts of the Wizards, only to later join a band of thieves, and so on and so on. Picking up skills and abilities as you go, rather than at "Level Up". Progressing in talent based on your actions (and d20 Luck).

I'm also a little bit interested to see who would be interested, because I got inspired to do some pixellated avatars and art for a campaign like this xD

Sort of or something like the PnPMaleHumanEvilBattlemage (attachement, it's small, 32x30 pixels).

***** I just came up with all of that story based on the rolls I made in the d20 modern dice roller xD making a "Reset" and choosing another Rogue-lite scenario campaign, is easy, I'll just re-roll.



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